Where were your ancestors in 1898?

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A reminder that the editors of The California Nugget are inviting CGS members to share an anecdote about what your ancestors were doing in (or around) 1898, the year the California Genealogical Society was founded. Thanks to all who have contributed stories so far for this special anniversary issue!

How to participate? Just tell us what your ancestors were doing in 1898 (or thereabouts). It can be as short as a sentence or two; longer anecdotes are also welcome. Our members have a great diversity of backgrounds–this is an opportunity to show some of that heritage. If the story you want to tell happened a little before or after the year 1898, you can introduce it with: “In just a few years, she would be …” or “He had just come through …”

To consider:

Where was my ancestor in (or about) 1898?

What were they doing? (in their personal or professional lives)

What was the context in your family history? – i.e., an ancestor was born, married, or died; was running a family business; had recently immigrated or was getting ready to move; had recently lived through a big event, or would soon face a turn of events that would influence their lives.

To share a story, or for more information, email [email protected]. We’d like to have your story by August 1st for inclusion in the Nugget.

Did you know …? Some events that occurred in 1898 were: