Planning a Visit to the Library

See our listed hours – Open Hours.  See Directions and Parking for details on Saturday visits, when the Breuner Building is locked.

NOTE:  The building does not circulate outside air on Saturdays. We do use a fan and circulate the air inside the library.

Directions: Find directions to the library, information on modes of transportation and places to park.

Library Catalog: You might want to check our online catalog before visiting the library and make a list of what things you want to look at when you arrive.

Help: When you come to the library know that a volunteer will be available to answer your questions so don’t hesitate to ask for help or for a tour of the library to help you learn what is where.

Wifi: Yes, we have free wifi access in the library. Ask the Desk Volunteer for the wifi code so you can connect.

Lockers: When you arrive please plan to secure your bags, etc. in one of our free lockers. Bags or food are not allowed in the library.

Lunch: Although no eating or drinking is allowed in the library, we do have a lunch room you can use. Bring your lunch or you can plan to try one of the many nearby cafes and restaurants.

Make Copies: You can make copies in the library free of charge. It is also OK to take a photo of a book page for no charge. You can save copies of online files or scan books and documents onto your flash drive. We currently are not charging for copies to eliminate handling payments; however, you can make a donation online if you would like.

Daily Use Fee: Non-members pay a $5 daily use fee to use the library facilities including access to our subscription genealogical websites. This will be paid at the time you register for a visit

Join: Consider joining the California Genealogical Society (CGS). Review what is on the JOIN and the MEMBERS main menu items to learn about the many benefits of being a member.

Subscribe: Sign up to receive the free CGS eNews. The eNews is sent out monthly and lists upcoming classes and events.

Read Our Blog: This is where you can read more about upcoming or past events, find links to other genealogy blogs, and much more. You can search for specific topics on our blog or use the index of past posts to find topics of interest.

Suggestions: Before or after your visit if you have an idea for anything related to the library or operation of the society please let us know. Submitting a suggestion there will ensure that it is captured and delivered to the appropriate volunteer.