History of the California Genealogical Society

In establishing an organization to bring together persons interested in family history and in the preservation of genealogical data, the founders of CGS wanted a means of sharing their relevant books with others having similar interests. Appropriately, the first group of CGS officers selected in February 1898 included a librarian. Since then, its library collection – CGS’s major asset – has mirrored the Society’s history. The growth and composition of the holdings have reflected the dedication, generosity, and the interests of the members.

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Past Presidents of the California Genealogical Society

Dr. Edward Stevens Clark     1898–1900
Col. Adolphus S. Hubbard     1900
Mr. Herbert Folger     1901–1903
Mr. Zoeth A. Eldridge     1904
Mr. Herbert Folger     1905–1907
Mr. Orville Dwight Baldwin     1908–1909
Mr. Henry Byron Phillips     1912–1920
Mr. Delmar Leon Thornbury     1921
Mr. George Henry Andruss     1922
Dr. Charles Francis Griffin 1923–1931
Mr. George Arthur Merrill 1932
Mr. Charles Hancock         1933–1941
Mr. Robert T. C. Head     1942–1944
Miss Margaret Griffith     1945–1948
Mrs. Heward Armstrong  1948–1962
Mr. H. Lewis Mathewson 1963–1964
Mrs. Scott Rountree          1965–1970
Mrs. John Peirce     1971–1973
Dr. Albert Shumate     1974
Mr. J. Roger Jobson     1975–1976
Mrs. Charles C. Bowen     1977–1978
Mr. John Hale     1979–1982
Mrs. Constant Vaughn     1983
Mr. David Adams     1983–1977
Mrs. Jane Steiner     1987–1988
Mr. James Schuyler      1989
Mr. David Mason Adams     1990
Mrs. Mary Sweetman     1991
Mrs. Mary Lou Grossberg     1992–1993
Dr. Frederick S. Sherman     1994–1997
Mr. David Wilma     1998
Mr. Vernon A. Deubler     1998–2001
Mr. Glen S. Schimelpfenig     2001–2004
Mrs. Jane Knowles Lindsey     2004–2010
Dr. Stephen Harris     2010–2012
Jeffrey Vaillant    2012-2014
Ellen Fernandez-Sacco   2014-2015
Linda Okazaki    2015-2018
Victoria Kolakowski   2018- July 2019
James Sorenson    July 2019 – 2022