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Your membership to the California Genealogical Society will help you solve the mysteries of your family’s history. Membership includes access to Northern California’s premier genealogy society library with local and national resources to help you track down your elusive ancestors. Located just three blocks from the 19th Street BART station in vibrant Uptown Oakland, the library has free access to paid online subscription sites and research databases, and more than 30,000 books, manuscripts, microfilms, and maps to help you climb your family tree. Exclusive classes, such as “Intro to Genealogy” and “Writing Your Family History,” taught by our volunteers, offer guidance to researchers of all experience levels. Join a passionate community that will help you make connections that your family will treasure for years to come!

Basic – $45 for 1 year, $85 for 2 years

  • Receive The California Nugget semi-annually
  • Use of the Society’s library including our extensive collection of city directories and subscription websites from library computers
  • Attend membership programs to hone your research skills and network with members who share your interests
  • Receive discounts on Society publications and special events
  • Attend genealogist led research trips to Salt Lake City, Boston, and the Allen County, Ind. Public Library
  • Access the member only databases on our website
  • Network with other members who share your interests

Youth $25 for 1 year

  • Same benefits as Basic membership for members who are less than 30 years old.

Non-US Resident $50 for 1 year

  • All the benefits of Basic membership with postage allowance

Family $75 for 1 year, $145 for 2 years

  • All benefits of Basic membership for two persons living in the same household (Please provide both names)

Contributing $100 for 1 year

  • All benefits of Basic membership
  • May bring one non-member guest when visiting the library

Sustaining $250 for 1 year

  • All benefits of Basic membership
  • May bring one non-member guest when visiting the library
  • One hour of research or one hour of consultation

Life $1200 [lump sum or $240/yr for 5 years; established when paid in full]

  • All benefits of Basic membership for one person
  • A second life membership in a household costs $600.
  • Funds will be placed in the endowment

Library & Society $25 for 1 year

  • Subscription to the society periodical The California Nugget – Not available to individuals

A subscription level of membership is only available to other libraries and genealogical societies, which then receive our twice-yearly publication, “The California Nugget.” The IRS considers the benefits of CGS membership to be “insubstantial” for charitable deduction purposes. Therefore, subject to the recommendation of your tax advisory, the full amount of your dues can be claimed as charitable contribution.

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