The Spring 2024 Nugget is here!

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We hope that by now all members have received your Spring 2024 issue of The California Nugget, whether you opt for a paper or electronic copy (now available to members on our website). The current issue includes two detailed accounts of genealogists using DNA matches to help identify a previously unknown ancestor. There is also an entertaining article in which 96-year-old Oakland native Jean Pawek recounts the story of her ancestors, French immigrants from the Pyrénées who settled in the Bay Area. Tamsen Munger has a fond remembrance of her Danish uncle, Max Petersen, while Ron Madson shares the story of his father’s coin collection. Lisa Gorrell’s column has tips on extracting maximum information from any document.

Table of Contents

  • “Finding the Mystery Father of Ernest Piatt with Autosomal DNA Matches” by Stewart Blandón Traiman, M.D.
  • “From Sweden to California: Carolina Erickson Olander and her Brother Peter Aaron Erickson” by Carolyn Nash and Robina Laney
  • “My French Ancestors and Their Journey to California,” by Jean Pawek
  • “Max J. ‘Pete’ Petersen: Sketch of a Happy Life” by Tamsen Nichols Munger
  • “Coin Collecting and Life Lessons” by Ron Madson
  • “Advance Your Genealogy Research: Look for the Clues” by Lisa Hork Gorrell