Now at the library: Dobson’s Irish Emigrants

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by Maureen Hanlon

Green book coverCGS recently received a copy of Dr. David Dobson’s Irish Emigrants to North America, Consolidated Edition and a quick review should be of cheer to those with Irish ancestors who came to the United States before the Great Famine.

Although immigration from Ireland to North America peaked in the latter half of the nineteenth century, there were waves of immigrants who came much earlier. This consolidated edition of ten previously published volumes lists many of these early immigrants as well as later arrivals. For the original series Dobson consulted archives and libraries in the United States, Canada, Britain, Ireland, and the West Indies. Compared to most sources for Irish famine emigrants, which usually contain only a name and date of arrival, Dobson’s Irish Emigrants is rich in detail. Over 10,000 Irish emigrants to North America are identified by name, date, occupation, specific place of origin, and, in many cases, by kinspeople, vessel traveled upon, and other circumstances. A welcome addition to our library that will be helpful to many Americans of Irish descent!

Book page printed with names of immigrants

Example of the information found in the book

Those interested in purchasing their own copy, or any of the previous volumes in the series, can find the books for sale at