New Library Books Available: Your Input is Invited

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Library reopening

One of the nice things about volunteering for the Library Committee is that we get to see all of the new books that are donated to CGS. Another perk is that we get to buy new books for our library and for our members. There are many genealogy books to choose from so our challenge is to find out what our members want.

Recently we received a long list of books that are available from Ancestor Explorer – a source of the latest genealogy books provided by Robert Nicholas from Shawnee, Kansas.

At our most recent library committee meeting this was on our agenda. One member of the team suggested that we buy The Placer Times & The Sacramento Union, Sacramento, California, Births, Marriages & Obituaries, 1849-1853, available for $22.

There are many more to choose from. Books from nearly every state in the US plus the United Kingdom, one book on Jewish history and a couple of other unique offerings at the bottom on the list.

Rather than guess at what you might covet we agreed to share the list and let you pick out what you’d like us to purchase for the library. Here is a link to the list: Ancestor Explorer. If you see something you’d like, send a message to [email protected]

One more thing. There are a few books we’ve been looking for without success. All of these are out of print We are wondering if any of our members might own copies of any of the books listed below and might be interested in donating them to the library. Let us know. Here’s the list:

Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Related to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts by William Richard Cutter.

Ancestry of Richard Plantagenet and Cecily de Neville by Ernst-Friedrich Kraentzler

Wood Genealogy and Other Family Sketches by Leland N. Wood

The Origin and Development of the Missionary Baptist Church in Indiana by John F. Cady

Garibaldi and California: Centennial 1882-1982 by Garibaldi Centennial Committee, 1982

Glamorgan Marriage Index, Pre-1937 by Unknown, Lewis Publishing, Chicago 1890

PS. Dick Rees has 32 issues of New England Ancestors, a publication of NEHGS, from the 2000s to give away. If interested, contact Dick at [email protected]