New home for the CGS Manuscripts Collection

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Things keep moving and improving at the CGS library. With substantial help from Ron Madson, Linda Darby, and Laura’s husband Phil, Manuscripts Committee co-chairs Laura Jones and Janet Netz recently managed to move the Manuscripts Collection from what they genially call “the toilet room” to its new home, the closet off the classroom, at the beginning of November. This move was necessary given the receipt of several new sizable collections over the last year or two and the expectation of another substantial collection to come.

This move has allowed Laura and Janet to consolidate and organize the Manuscript Collection, to shelve new collections, and to have space for future donations of collections.

The shelves going into the classroom closet:

Man working in closet, empty shelves nearby

Linda and Laura moved the materials from the toilet room to the classroom to empty the shelves for the move from the “toilet room” to the classroom closet:

The “toilet room” (look familiar?):

picture of toilet and surrounding walls

Laura and Janet with the manuscripts installed in their new home:

Two women in front of bookshelves full of boxes

Congrats to the Manuscript Committee on the move, and thanks to all the volunteers who made this happen!