February Events at CGS

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A running list of upcoming events can be found on our website:

Live Events: (Register by clicking on the link)

Tuesday, Jan. 31: Organize Your Family History Research  (view recording option until April 2).
There are as many ways to organize your data as there are researchers. The only “right” way to organize your genealogy is to do it in a way that you will consistently follow! Genealogist and past CGS president Linda Harms Okazaki will help you tackle that growing mountain of data.

Saturday, Feb. 25: Genealogical Proof for the Everyday Genealogist (view recording option until March 25).
Association of Professional Genealogists President Annette Burke Lyttle gives this overview of the Genealogical Proof Standard, the industry’s standard for producing reliable and credible genealogical research.

Recurring Monthly Events

First Saturday (Feb. 4) 2023 Intro to Genealogy – 1st Saturday Free! Overview and Focused Topics This month: Using the Census.

Second Saturday (Feb. 11) Online – CGS Monthly Board Meeting (for members only)

Second Wednesday (Feb. 8) CGS Member Roundtable Contact Lisa Gorrell: [email protected] or Jacqueline Henderson: [email protected]

Special Interest Groups (SIGs):

Third Saturday: (Feb. 18) FTM SIG  hybrid meeting.

Fourth Monday: (Feb. 27) DNA Skills SIG  Contact Mark McLaren: [email protected]

Fourth Wednesday: (Feb. 22) Roots Magic SIG

Quarterly: (Feb. 25) Eastern European SIG 


The CGS Library is open Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., and on the 3rd Saturday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Please register in advance by signing up here. (Members are welcome to visit on Fridays without pre-registering.)


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