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One in a series of blog posts about CGS committees and their work
*This committee is seeking new volunteers. Contact: Chris Pattillo.

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Longtime Volunteer Committee chair Kathleen Beitiks (in blue) with Diana Edwards and Linda Okazaki, at the 2016 Genie Awards

Currently the Volunteer Committee is one of our one-person committees but now that Kathleen Beitiks, who has filled this position for about a decade, is stepping down, we’d like to find a team of two to take it on.

One of the nice things about the Volunteer Committee is that most of the tasks that need doing can be done from home. But the even better part is that it gives you an opportunity for direct connections with our members as you advise and help them find a volunteer position that fits their talents and interests.

PurposeThe Volunteer Committee works with members to fill volunteer positions – a critically important role that enables CGS to function smoothly.
ChairCurrently vacant
MeetsAs needed; new co-chairs will determine
Time CommitmentVaries by event and interest.
Helpful SkillsBeing friendly and outgoing. Good people skills. Likes meeting and interacting with new people. General good cheer ….. all talents Kathleen has an abundance of.
Work LocationMostly at home but at the library during social events


When individuals join CGS, they are invited to indicate what type of volunteer position they might be interested in. When they do, the Volunteer Committee then contacts those individuals to match their interests and skills to one of the many varied positions we have. Go to our website and on the Members tab you’ll find a page for Volunteer Opportunities with brief descriptions of current openings and the name of the current chair with their contact information.

Sometimes longterm members who have been volunteering for years in one position will feel like a change, so the Volunteer Chair will work with them to find something new to take on.

For in-person social events – that I hope will be restored in 2023 – the Volunteer Committee takes charge of making sure we have a refreshments plus enough plates, napkins, cups, etc., for the event.

Another fun task is the annual Genie Awards. Volunteers facilitate that event and work with the president to identify recipients of awards each year for service “above and beyond.”

If you consider yourself a party person or just someone who enjoys people, this position is for you. Even better, if you have a buddy that you would enjoy teaming up with, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact me at: [email protected]