CGS Committees – Investments & Finance Committees

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The investment and finance committees are ones that require very little time so if you are looking for a way to support the society but don’t have much time, one of these may be the perfect committee for you. All each requires is an interest in and knowledge of investing/finance.

PurposeThe investment committee monitors the society’s investments and makes recommendations for adjustments as needed.
MeetsTypically, twice a year and at least one in-person meeting each year. Email communication between meetings.
Time CommitmentVery little. This is an easy job if you are comfortable doing your own investing.
Helpful SkillsInterest in investing. Knowledge of prudent investment practices. Ability to do online trading. Ability to attend board meetings in May and October to report to the board.
Work LocationFrom home

When I was still working, I chaired our Investment Committee for ten years. I took over from Ken Haughton. Ken started the investment committee and set up good systems. He researched and distributed our funds among a diverse number of mutual funds that include large and small cap stock funds, international funds, bond funds and some cash.

The investment committee includes the chair plus at least two other members. One member must be a member of the board.

The investment committee chair coordinates with the treasurer and transfers funds from the Sherman-Haughton fund as needed. The committee reports to the board quarterly, develops and makes recommendations for changes to the portfolio and executes online trades.


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees all aspects of the society’s finances and makes sure that fiscal obligations are met.

PurposeThe purpose of the Finance Committee is to work with the Treasurer and Investment Officer to oversee all aspects of the finances of CGS
ChairMatt Berry, Treasurer
MeetsAs needed
Time CommitmentAbout 2 hours per month.
Helpful SkillsA background in finance, investing or accounting.
Work LocationAt home.

The Finance committee is headed by the Treasurer. Members include the Investment Committee chair and/or officer and at least one other current board member. Current members include Matt, Rich Kehoe, Keith Montgomery, Jim Sorenson and Chris Pattillo.

The finance committee reviews and oversees reports that are generated by the investment committee and the auditor. They gather input from other committee chairs to put together an annual budget. They oversee the treasurer and others to make sure our bills are paid, and our insurance and business license are kept current. The committee coordinates with others to have an annual audit completed, makes sure our taxes are paid and attends to whatever other financial matters are needed to maintain the library.

The finance committee coordinates with other committees and board members to identify financial needs of the society and prepares monthly reports for the board, and an annual report for the membership.

If either of these committees interests you, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].