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Current Desk Duty Committee

Written by: Maureen Hanlon, Chair
One in a series of blog posts about CGS committees and their work

Serving as the public face of the CGS Library, members of the Desk Duty Committee welcome visitors, manage the library, and help patrons with everything they need. The last time there was a write-up about the Desk Duty Committee was fourteen years ago–October 2008–and three of those stalwart volunteers continue on our roster today: Dick Rees, Pat Smith, and Lorna Wallace. We treasure their commitment and depth of knowledge. As you can see by comparing the photo below with more current ones, they haven’t changed a bit!  Clearly, it’s a stress-free job (hah).

Desk Duty Committee

PurposeThe desk duty team opens the library and greets visitors when they arrive. They answer patron questions, answer the phone, return voice messages, reshelve books and take care of whatever else is needed.
ChairMaureen Hanlon
Time Commitment4-hour shifts once a month minimum
Helpful SkillsFriendly, outgoing personality, knowledge of the library, some research skill
Work LocationIn the library

There are eight other members of the group who take on the job of “Director of First Impressions” of the CGS Library. They are: Felicia Addison, Kate Black, Glenda Castain, Linda Edwards, Karen Halfon, Ron Madson, Kristi Wessenberg and chair, Maureen Hanlon. The committee also includes Kathleen Beitiks, Keith Montgomery, and “emeritus” member Sally Houston.

Our group has a wide range of experience and most members hold dual or triple CGS roles. Pat is chair of the Research team; Linda, Kristi and Karen are library volunteers, Ron and Karen lead the FTM-SIG. Ron is also on the Board and has documented CGS events with his photography skills. Many of the photos of the team are from Ron’s albums.

We’ve had some discussions about our name, because “duty” sounds so onerous and not like the job we do. It allows us to use many skills and know lots of practical and detailed information.  We are trusted with cash for visit and copying fees, we help patrons with the machines, we know when to call the technical gurus for help.  We find and re-shelve books.  But most importantly, we make our visitors feel welcome and supported.  Each member currently serves a four-hour stint on one of the Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays the library is open.  We are looking forward to expanded hours and the plans to have hybrid classes on Saturdays. If you are interested in joining the team, please email Maureen Hanlon.

2008 Desk Duty Team

2008 Desk Duty crew included (L-R) Pat Smith, Kathy Watson, Lorna Wallace, Diana Wild, Judy Bodycote and Dick Rees