Information Swap Meet – October 23, 2008

by Kathryn Doyle (10/16/2008)

The California Genealogical Society received this notice from Carly Perez-Banuet, Breuner Building Operations Manager.

Good Afternoon Tenants,

The owners and management of 2201 Broadway cordially invite you to join us at our “Information Swap Meet”. We have many diverse and interesting people and activities in our 2201 Broadway family and we want to bring us all together so we can all find out what everybody else in our building is up to. We will have tables set up in the large open space on the ground floor and invite you to reserve one and spread your information about your group on it for others to see.

Carly Perez-Banuet
Operations Manager
Cushman & Wakefield of California, Inc.
Global Client Solutions
2201 Broadway, Suite M-3
Oakland,CA 94612

Date: October 23, 2008

Time: 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: Main lobby conference room, Suite 101

Wordless Wednesday

by Kathryn Doyle (10/15/2008)

California Genealogical Society
Organizing the ancestral chart collection
Gene Peck and Anne Robinson

Photographs by Kathryn M. Doyle, 9/18/2008.
CGS Computer Committee

by Kathryn Doyle (10/14/2008)

Some of the most important volunteer work done at the California Genealogical Society is carried out behind-the-scenes by the members of the Computer Committee: Al Clark, Kathy Watson and Gary Willcuts.

In June of this year the committee conducted a survey of member volunteers to identify problems. Responses were logged and priorities set. The committee created a project work list and assigned one member to oversee each issue.

The committee’s first priority is to create consistency among all the computers. The intent is to set up all of the computer desktops in the same way so that a volunteer can sit down at any computer and find things in the same place. Icons have been set up in a specific order.

Subscription and free databases are now easily accessed by clicking the “Links” button on the bottom right side of the toolbar.

“Links” opens the list of all available databases:

Boston Pilot Missing Friends
CGS Catalog
Customize Links
Family Search
Footnote at the California Genealogical Society
LDS DigFamHists
Lib of Congress Cats
Mid-Atlantic States Archives
New England Records
Proquest Historical Newspapers
WorldVital Records

Other issues that are being addressed by the committee include performance, training, e-mail, back-up, new software, and setting up all computers for data entry and data access.