Acknowledging Our Volunteers

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A message from our president, Jane Lindsey:

During this National Volunteer Week, I would like to celebrate the many volunteers we have at the California Genealogical Society and Library.

Being an all-volunteer organization, our members run the library, organize a variety of indexing projects, troubleshoot computer issues and handle mail, book orders, research requests and membership renewals. Volunteers also work from home: writing, editing, proofing and formatting our many publications; coordinating member programs and events; managing our Web sites and so much more.

Our volunteers come from many walks of life and their experience brings an added dimension to our society. Members with the financial know-how keep our books and safeguard our investments. An engineer who solved a problem with our new shelving saved us hundreds of dollars!

I would also like to thank many of our guest speakers who come and speak without charge to our society, and to acknowledge society members who generously share their expertise through lectures and workshops.

In this age of “pajama research” when many new genealogists think “everything is online,” the genealogy society is sometimes regarded as passé. But it is the personal connections we make as volunteers that is the most rewarding part of belonging to a society.

The California Genealogical Society and Library has no paid staff. Our volunteers ARE our society. I so appreciate the willingness of members who not only DO the necessary jobs needed to effectively run CGS but who also freely share their genealogical expertise. Thanks to all of the members of the California Genealogical Society – we wouldn’t be as strong as we are without you!

–Jane Lindsey