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The California Genealogical Society opened its doors in March 2007 at our newest location in the historic Breuner Building in Uptown Oakland at 2201 Broadway at 22nd. The move was one of a series that our genealogy library has made over its 109-year history and lands CGS at its second Oakland address, after a century in San Francisco.

The entrance to the building is on 22nd Street.

Annalee Allen, Oakland Tribune landmark columnist and Oakland Walking Tours program coordinator, featured CGS and the Breuner Building in her April 22, 2007 column: Historical building to house society.

Photographs courtesy of Jane Lindsey.



  1. Moultrie Creek  November 30, 2007

    Welcome to genealogy’s virtual community and best of luck on your blogventure. It’s now been added to my newsreader and I look forward to learning more about the society and its programs.

  2. Kathryn Doyle  December 1, 2007

    Thank you very much for your kind welcome. I see that one of your blogs is “Family Matters – Tech Support for the Family Historian.” Thank you for introducing yourself. I am looking forward to reading and learning.

  3. Anonymous  August 20, 2009

    Hello, Through some research, I believe I have a Victorian Parlor Sectional (3 piece) and 2 love-seats originally made by John Breuner Co. My goal here is to get in contact with Chris Curtis or who ever is in ownership of the Historical Breuner Building now to see if they are interested in having this set. I have an original tag from the furniture and would like to talk to someone.
    Kind Regards, Stacey Schaeffer
    email: [email protected]