Pedigree Charts Project – CGS Member Ron Madson Video

This video shows the process CGS member Ron Madson used to photograph two volumes of pedigree charts that were created by other CGS members during the early years of the society – over 100 years ago. This is part of a project to post the charts along with an index of the names they contain on the CGS website.

FamilySearch Records | California Genealogical Society

California Genealogical Society works with FamilySearch to provide free online access to the records of funeral homes in the San Francisco area. These records are among the few collections that date back prior to 1906 and the San Francisco earthquake and are great substitutes for death records for that time period.

Who We Are: California Genealogical Society

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A Trip Worth Taking: Family History Library

Visiting a library is fun? Really? Our 2 stories of discovery as told by California Genealogical Society members Linda Okazaki, Dr. Henry Snyder, Jane Lindsey and featuring our resident family history author & guru, Nancy Peterson, will let you see what awaits you on this most magical of trips. There’s so much to discover and fun to be had on our annual (12 years running) family history research trip to Salt Lake City—you don’t want to miss it. Reserve your spot early and make sure you’re booked for this once in a lifetime event! Check out Research Trips for details on research trips and locations and much more or get social with us on Facebook.

Grant Din (CGS board member)

This interview is with Grant Din, a genealogist with the Chinese American Family History Group. His perspective focuses on what genealogical societies can do, and was the third video shown in the program.

Nicka Smith (former CGS board member)

This interview is with Nicka-Sewell Smith, the host of BlackProGen LIVE, a blogger, and an influencer. Nicka’s perspective set the tone for the entire conversation, so we chose this video to kick off the conference session.

Janice Lovelace, Phd

This interview is with Janice Lovelace, Ph.D., a genealogist and diversity activist. Her perspective focuses on what genealogical societies can do, and was the second video shown in the program.