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To make a search of the CGS Names Index, enter the name to search in the Search Name box below. The Search button will display matching Search Results. You can select individual names from the Search Results, and can Search for Additional Names, if you wish. When you have completed all the searches and checked all the names, click the Lookups Order Form button.

Note: Code Probate refers to the Register of Actions not the entire probate packet. For full explanations see Index Codes.

To request a name lookup from a book in our library, scroll down this page and click “order form.” Fill out the order form. In the boxes below that write the surname and first name you want us to look for.” Then under “Title and Author” type the name of the resource you want us to look in. If you have a years spread please fill that in, too. Scroll down further to “recalculate total.” When the page comes up with the total cost click “purchase online” to pay by PayPal, or “Pay by mail” to print your form and send a check to us at California Genealogical Society, 2201 Broadway LL2, Oakland, California 94612. We will copy up to ten pages for $10 per book/journal.

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Searching Tips
   Enter smith to find all Smith surnames.
   Enter smith, john to find John Smith or John Edward Smith or John E. Smith.
   Enter smith, john edward to find John Edward Smith.
   Enter smith, jo to find John Smith or Joseph Smith.
   Enter smith, j to find all Smiths whose first name begins with "J".

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