Searching for Harold Roberts

by Kathryn Doyle (4/28/2008)

The letter to CGS didn’t use these words but the message was clear:
find Corporal Harold W. Roberts.

Periodically the California Genealogical Society and Library receives a research request that morphs into a group project. In this case the letter came from Gary McMaster, director and curator of the Camp Roberts Historical Museum. He was looking for Harold Roberts, the World War I soldier posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor, for whom the camp is named.

Camp Roberts is a one-time Army base, now National Guard training facility, off U.S. 101 about half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Originally called Camp Nacimiento, the name was changed even before it became operational during World War II. It is the only U.S. facility named in honor of an enlisted man.

Gary McMaster, Retired Army Sergeant First Class, has been on a mission to find out all he can about Roberts. He first contacted CGS last summer with the letter that said in part:

“We would like to find out about any of his family and try to find out whatever happened to his parents and his Medal of Honor. We also would like to find any photographs of him, as we have none. The large painting we have in his exhibit in the Museum… is an artist’s impression. We would like to know what he actually looked like.”

The Paso Robles Gazette did a story about McMasters and the planned exhibit on Roberts, but no mention was made of the efforts of the research team at the California Genealogical Society. I thought I should set the record straight.

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Sacramento Membership Coffee

by Kathryn Doyle (4/25/2008)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Belle Cooledge Library
5600 South Land Park Drive
Sacramento, CA 95822

California Genealogical Society members living in the greater Sacramento area have been invited to a coffee at the Belle Cooledge Branch Library on Wednesday, May 7, 2008 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. The get-togethers are a fun way to meet members who live locally and are designed to help us link with neighbors who share similar genealogy research interests. Take advantage of this opportunity to network and set up car pools for future CGS meetings, events or research trips. CGS President, Jane Lindsey will give guests an update on current events at the society.

If you live in our target area, please save the date and let us know if you can come. You can also feel free to bring a friend who is interested in genealogy. The society gratefully acknowledges the generosity of Sacramento member, Janet Feil, who made the arrangements and is acting as hostess. RSVP to the society at (510) 663-1358 or email [email protected].

Wordless Wednesday

by Kathryn Doyle (4/23/2008)

California Genealogical Society and Library
Research Tour to the Family History Library
Salt Lake City, Utah
April 13 – 20, 2008

Photographs courtesy of Cathy Merrill Paris.